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pdrMake an investment in your future with The Ding King®. We are the trusted name that’s recognized as the innovator of the auto appearance industry. The Ding King has a strong presence in the industry for over 15 years and will supply you with a proven business system to operate your own successful business. The Ding King is an automotive business opportunity for you to experience a career that involves making customers cars look like new again.  The Ding King provides all the technical training, equipment, consumable supplies and field support so you can operate your own successful automotive appearance repair business.

Whether you’d like to work from a home-based office to be closer to your family, start a business part-time while you continue to work your current job, cut out travel time while still having a very professional and rewarding career, or you simply want to work hard for yourself and be rewarded for your dedication, business ownership might be ideal for you. Now is the time to explore your options if you’d like to become a business owner in 2015.

The Ding King business development training sessions are conducted one-on-one with specific counseling for your particular business. We have created a step-by-step program that teaches clients how to generate one-stop-shop accounts for both used car dealerships and the retail sector. This is an exciting and financially rewarding business for those who want to own their own business!

Be Rewarded For Your Hard Work and Dedication

“I worked in sales for nearly 15 years. I was top-ranked in my company and well compensated but I traveled 40% of the time, worked long hours, and ultimately brought a lot more money in for the company than I was seeing. Plus, I missed so many important events in my family members’ lives. I decided it was time to work hard for myself and my family. I started my search for a business to own on the internet and purchased a business opportunity and training program 6 months ago. Today, I am able to make my own schedule and I see a direct reward for my hard work and dedication. My business is doing great and I’m thrilled that I decided to become my own boss. Thank you Ding King for supporting me all the way.”

A Proven Turnkey Business

When exploring the type of business to own, it’s critical to choose a concept with a company that is supportive and experienced. The personal guidance and support provided by The Ding King’s Founder, Todd Sudeck is invaluable. Todd is very knowledgeable and is always available and will answer questions within the same business day. When it comes to training and promoting your new business, The Ding King is really a turnkey business system.

A Rewarding Business to Own

Who wouldn’t like to have dings, dents, scrapes and scratches removed for under a hundred bucks in less than an hour? Body shops charge 5 times what you will charge and you’ll finish a repair in minutes, not days or weeks. This is a very rewarding business for people who are willing to work diligently and take care of their customers in a professional manner.

Widespread Demand

Many of our customers complete training and call on used car dealers the very next day. Some advertise in one yellow page directory and gain all the clients they can handle. Others have plans to grow their business to help meet the massive market demand for their business’s services. A recent graduate of Ding King is Steve Kaneda who says, “I hope to have my first employee next month. With another employee, my business can grow even faster. I’m very pleased with The Ding King and with the support and guidance that their entire team has provided to me.”

Join The Ding King Team and Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Growth-Focused Business Model
  • Comprehensive Advertising Program
  • Nationally Recognized Certification
  • In-Depth Market Analysis
  • Site Location Assistance
  • On-site Dealer Account Development
  • Extensive Training & Ongoing Support

Developing your own business requires a host of skills, everything from management ability, financial resources, marketing tools, and a strong service menu. It takes a serious commitment of time, energy and dedication to customer service to reach your goal.

The Ding King is seeking progressive-minded individuals who want to make this commitment and are willing to take an active, hands-on approach in building their own business. With Ding King’s comprehensive business planning assistance, technical and marketing support, and an established reputation, you have a distinct advantage over other service providers.

To help you maximize profits and gain a competitive advantage, we offer the highest quality reconditioning systems available.

Your Target Market Will Include:

  • Auto Dealers
  • Rental Car Fleets
  • Insurance Companies
  • Body Shops
  • Car Washes
  • Detail Shops
  • Limo Fleets
  • Freight & Trucking Fleets
  • Car Clubs
  • The Retail Customer

When speaking with your Ding King Representative, inquire about our special programs designed to ‘jump start’ your new business. They include:
As you can see, there is an enormous opportunity to target a wide variety of potential customers. The Ding King will equip you with all the tools and training necessary to succeed, plus you will receive The Ding King’s time-tested and proven plan for success, which includes the industry’s most complete Business Start-Up and Business Marketing Program.

When evaluating business opportunities, it is important to know that The Ding King Training Institute is the only State Licensed Company in the United States that operates four separate licensed training facilities. Whether you elect to receive your training inCalifornia, Missouri, Florida or Michigan, one thing is certain; you will go home with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed in operating your own business!

  • Field Training
  • On-Site Sales
  • New Account Development
  • Web Site Design
  • Personal Coaching
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Cable Television

Allow The Ding King’s 15 years of experience become your platform for building your own successful business! Our experience includes operating paintless dent repair & auto appearance shops, as well as fleets of mobile total reconditioning vans.

Our Paintless Dent Repair Automotive Business Opportunity is “turnkey” and there are no franchise fees and no royalties.

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