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Take advantage of capturing more revenue per invoice. Used car dealers nationwide prefer working with one vendor for the auto reconditioning of their used cars. We call it the “ONE-STOP-SHOP”! This package will allow you to capture all of your customers business, thus offering you the greatest profit.

Paintless Dent Repair

Everything you need to repair hail, door dings, dents, creases and the bigger type of pressure dents is included in your package. New Glue Dent Puller, Quality PDR Tools, Hands-On PDR Training, PDR Lighting, PDR Video and Manuals and Technical Support from PDR Professionals are all included.

Paint Repair

The Ding King is the only company in the nation offering the European technology for Small Micro Area Repair Technology (SMART). Our SMART Systems are 100% AQMD legal and include everything to repair paint chips, scuffed bumpers and other types of paint repair.

Interior Repair

Rips, tears, burns, carpet dying, torn trim, worn leather, damaged dashboards and everything else that affects the beauty of in cars interior can be repair with Ding King’s Interior Repair System.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Curb rashes on alloy wheels or dinged or scraped alloy wheels can now be refinished in less than a half hour. Our alloy wheel refinishing system is a complete easy to use package that includes training and supplies.

Windshield Repair

The Windshield Repair industry grosses hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Odor Removal

Completely eliminate a wide variety of unwanted odors using The Ding King’s Thermal Fogging System.

Paint Polishing

The Ding King Paint Polish Package complements SMART Paint Repair.

Headlight Renewal

Our Headlight Renewal Package will permanently remove yellow discoloration from any headlight.

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