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The Ding King Paint Polish Package complements SMART Paint Repair and includes a high speed polisher and all of the necessary polishes and materials for removing:

  • Surface Scratches
  • Oxidation
  • Minor Blemishes
  • Swirl Marks
  • Hard Water Spots
  • Overspray
  • Paint Flaws

If you enjoy cars and like working with your hands, then consider The Ding King’s Paint Polishing System. It’s an inexpensive and excellent add-on to any of our programs, particularly paint repair. With all those “high-dollar” vehicles on the road today and the growing need for professionally trained auto detailers, this is fast becoming one our most popular add-ons.

Realizing that you’re only as good as your tools, we’ve assembled two different systems for you to select from.

Our premier system utilizes a DeWalt High Speed Buffer and in properly trained hands, this machine is capable of polishing paint to high gloss perfection without swirl marks and cob webbing affect normally associated with high speed polishing.

This polisher is known in the professional auto detailing world as arguably the best high speed rotary buffer ever made. A Velcro backing plate is included which allows you to quickly switch from a foam polishing pad, to wool bonnet is just seconds. It’s excellent for correcting paint issues such as oxidation, acid rain, clear coat scratches and other minor blemishes.

In order to perform at the high-end of auto detailing, you need proper training. At DKTI, training is hands-on and extremely thorough. We’ll teach you how to use either of our specialized paint polishing systems on actual vehicles, learning to correct a variety of paint problems.

This system utilizes a polisher with exclusive dual orbital action heads featuring polishing motions that simulate gentle hand-rubbed quality. It features Velcro backed changeable bonnets and pads, and is accompanied by a complete line of polishes and compounds which allow this versatile polisher to perform a variety of finishing jobs easily and quickly. Under light or heavy pressure, our “Hand Action Orbital Polisher” remains steady and safe from swirls, gouging or heat build-up, making it the ideal tool for deoxidizing, buffing and glazing paint to a mirror finish.

Training Includes:

  • Proper Polishing Techniques
  • Chemical Usage
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Personal Safety
  • Preventing Paint Burns
  • Wet Sanding
  • Achieving High Gloss
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