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Cheap Training Can Be The Most Expensive Training
With the advent of the internet, there seems to be a lot of people offering cheap training. Whether it’s a burnt out technician trying to cash in or a detail company offering a PDR training program as an afterthought, the expression BUYER BEWARE has never meant so much!

The Ding King is not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive. Most people don’t seek out the cheapest doctor, cheapest accountant, cheapest attorney, cheapest anything. Cheap can be very costly, especially when we’re talking about your career and livelihood in the paintless dent repair business! Compare our prices and then compare our quality and we’re confident you’ll see we’re the obvious choice.


What we offer is the highest quality in the industry and that’s one of the main reasons we’ve trained State Farm Insurance, consulted and helped to develop the used car reconditioning standards for Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) and have distribution agreements with Snap-ON, MATCO, Cornwell and MAC TOOLS for our proprietary line of PDR Tools.

If you’re looking for the best tools and training in the industry and desire to become a professional, you’re our customer. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the cheapest price and are purely a price buyer, then you might want to shop around. Our customers are looking towards their future and want to be the best at what they do. Don’t settle for less! The Ding King will deliver and exceed your every expectation.


Field Training
As with anything in life, practice makes perfect! To assist you in shortening your learning curve and help you avoid common mistakes new business owners make, The Ding King can provide either Field or In-Shop Training to get you on the road to faster, more profitable repairs.

While most students enjoy the benefits of working along side their instructor in the classroom and in a working retail shop, others want to experience life in the field, working along side an industry professional.


Expect a higher level of self-confidence resulting in repairing larger damage that often times your competition turns away. Increased skill equals greater profits!


Technical support and customer service is of utmost importance to everyone at The Ding King. We realize the importance of supporting you and your new business from day one and we take every step to exceed your expectations from your initial contact, graduation from training, to the establishment of your new business.

You’ll have access to our experienced team of technical specialists who will be glad to assist you. In fact, you’ll even have your instructor’s cell phone number for after hour’s questions.

Part of Our Family
As a Ding King graduate, we’re committed to providing you with everything you expect and more. You can count on us to exceed your expectations! While you may be in business for yourself, you’ll never be by yourself! Once you’ve been trained at Ding King, you’re part of our family!

Field Support
We want you to succeed and we want to be an integral part of your success. That’s why we welcome you to take advantage of a special program where one of a our Ding King Operations Specialists travel to your hometown and assist you with field training and even help you open up your first dealership accounts.

Guaranteed Training
We’re so confident in our instructor’s ability to teach you what you need to know, that we guarantee our training. As a Ding King graduate you may extend your training at no additional charge and even come back for refresher courses.

Honesty & Dependability
And that’s exactly what you’ll receive at The Ding King! You’ll always receive honest answers to your questions and you’ll find everyone you deal with to be reliable and dependable.

Re-Ordering of Supplies
Have an order you want processed right away?  Just E-mail or phone your order in and it will ship the next business day. We’re here for you 24/7.

We are the single largest Automotive Appearance Repair Distributor in the world. Our purchasing power enables us to provide you with wholesale pricing for all your re-order needs. The Ding King inventories all items and is ready to ship the same day you order it.

Marketing Department
The Ding King Marketing Department is comprised of a staff of seasoned professionals whose experience ranges from web site design, dealer account development, marketing, to sales and advertising. The Ding King experiences mean access to some of the most effective ideas around for promoting a new and exciting business.

Research & Development
Research and Development is key to the continued growth of both our businesses.  Our technology department has introduced the patented Dent Laser and has the industry’s finest Small Damage Repair System for paint repair.  Keeping you and your business one step ahead of the competition is our goal.

Business Structure
Deciding whether a business is an LLC, a sub-S corporation or a sole proprietor is an individual one. The Ding King examines the questions and answers necessary to make
this decision.

Operating costs, tax benefits, insurance and revenue goals are all part of the initial, comprehensive business checklist. By beginning with an educated and strategic platform, The Ding King graduate launches an exciting and lucrative enterprise built upon sound, smart decisions.

Record Keeping & Accounting
The Ding King knows—as do astute business people—that a solid and customized accounting process liberate business people to dedicate critical energies to other, revenue-generating efforts. We will assist you with setting up your chart of accounts, review proper invoicing and monthly billing.

Growing Your Success
Graduates will learn how to set and surpass sales goals, manage and support employees, control and maintain inventory and reduce costs, as well as setting up additional vans or shops—all with an eye on generating and increasing profit margins.

Pricing for Profit
Correct pricing strategies can make or break a new business’ profit margins. With The Ding King Success Plan and years of analysis, graduates learn to capture new accounts that translate into sales, and determine the “critical point” in pricing.

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