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So we ended the last email on defining your target audience. Who are you speaking to and what do they want to hear? In this post we’re going to discuss what you need to say or rather what your content should be. Mail Chimp makes an excellent suggestion that I personally use for all of my content but especially as it applies to the creation of your online Newsletter. So now you will want to sit down and think about the subject matter that you are going to want to discuss. Your list could look like this:

1. Before and after pictures of your latest successes. Remember to obtain your clients permission to use these pictures. Present a waiver that they can sign and be sure to cover the license plate. I’ve mentioned this in other posts but the importance of this cannot possibly be overstated.

2. Suggestions on how to manage the upkeep of the services that you have rendered. In addition, if you have services that you can up-sell to your clients like headlight restoration, or Alloy Wheel reconditioning. Depending on which courses you took with “The Ding King Training Institute” you could have an entire list in your wheel house. If you have not yet started taking courses then you should strongly consider taking the Total Recon package. This all inclusive course will equip you with several options.

3. News coverage.

4. Popular posts on your social sites.

5. Feedback from your customers.

Your goal is to remain in the forefront of your customers and potential customers minds. This list will be different for each Technician but hopefully this will get you thinking about what to write. If you put aside one day a week, perhaps Sunday, you could dedicate a few hours to set this up as well as your social sites being scheduled for submissions through Buffer. You can also schedule when you want your newsletter to be sent out through Mail Chimp. It’s all very simple and takes very little time to accomplish. Once you get on a schedule it will become even easier.

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