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“The Ding King Training Institute” offers a high quality Paintless Dent Repair/Removal training program that provides you with premium learning techniques and unbelievable results you can count on. Our step-by-step instructions and significant high quality PDR processes, will assist your learning capabilities faster. Our goal is to provide you with state of the art instruction and hands-on experience that is strongly applied to common real situations.

Our Paintless Dent Repair Training courses are based around you, the student, not the instructor. We know that every student is different and how important it is to maintain a quality controlled pace that will allow you to develop your skills rapidly and consistently. Some companies have a curriculum that is set more for the instructor and not you. We won’t cram years of experience in one week so that you’ll end up forgetting most of what you learned. That kind of paintless dent repair training can and will suppress a student’s learning capabilities and developments. We teach you how to master one thing at a time so you can allow yourself to grasp techniques that help you remove dings without frustration.

The Ding Kings highly skilled instructors will guide you to understand the philosophy of PDR technology that is needed to perform consistently high quality paintless dent repairs. In addition, as you learn, your awareness becomes more noticeable, which results in paying attention to detail at every stage (Analyzing execution, tool selection, repairing process, marketing and even customer relations). “The Ding King Training Institute” is committed to deliver high quality training and a complete satisfaction money back guarantee!

If you haven’t yet requested your free catalog then please submit a request online or give us a call. We have classes starting soon.

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